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My goal this month was to show the diversity in sports romances. Not just in the characters, but in the sports, too.  Here is my tribute to water sports.

Welcome Shannon O’Connor.


1.     What is it about the sport in your romance that inspired you to write about it?
I wanted to write about the city I live in which is Huntington Beach. It’s also called Surf City so I chose the hero to be a professional surfer, so it was kind of a given. Originally, I didn’t set out to make it a Sports Romance–it was always about these two people that meet and how love evolves through challenges. 
2.     Is your sports hero based on a real sports figure? If so, who and why?
Not really based on a real person, but I wanted him to be and act as close to a real pro-surfer as I could write him. There is some significance to his last name. It happens to be Slater which is associated with surfing because of the famous Kelly Slater. What many people don’t know is my last name is Slater, so when I started writing him–the name Chad Slater fit him so well, that when I decided to publish the book I had to come up with a pen name for myself, which is my birth name.
3.     What kind of research did you do for the sport in your romance?
Already knew a good amount, but I researched which competition boards were most popular with the pros. I also watched and took notes while watching US Open of Surfing and other competitions around the world. I followed the schedules mapped out on the internet so that the surfers in my books had real places they would be flying to. Plus, asked my husband things since he used to surf quite a lot.
4.     Best advice for other authors who want to write sports romance?
Really know the sport you want to write. It needs to be something you can relate to or the readers won’t be able to relate along with your writing. Only write it if it feels right. 
5.     What sports romance are you working on next?
In the future I will spin off surfers met in The Waves Trilogy. I’m also thinking of co-writing with my author friends someday, if it works out. 

Shannon is giving away an ebook combo pack of her Red Waves-book one & White Waves-book two. Tell her about a water adventure, real or bucket list. 

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