B – Blurb


Anxious Love is my sixth multicultural sports romance.

I need some help with the blurb.

Trauma, isolation, courage, love. . .  Anxious Love

Ryan Ware has overcome loss and is hopeful about his future. As a first round draft pick, he is living his dream. Fame, fortune, and gorgeous women are part of his crazy new life, and he is ready to enjoy every minute of it.

Best-selling author Leah Jones is the most sought after writer in romance but never strays far from her isolated world. Leah suffers from severe anxiety. Her regimented life diminishes the triggers that could put her back in the hospital or worse, cut her off from the world completely.

After a chance meeting on the streets of New Orleans, Ryan vows to get to know the brown eyed beauty who keeps odd hours and seems content in her own little world.

Can Leah manage her anxiety to function in Ryan’s crazy life? Can Ryan throw away everything he thought he knew about love to be the man Leah needs?

Anxious Love contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature and is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age. 

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11 thoughts on “B – Blurb

  1. Your story sounds really interesting, and blurb is a great choice for B!

    Forgive me if I’ve overstepped – my husband writes also and I try to help him with blurbs (which he hates), so I took a stab at yours, also. You didn’t say exactly what kind of help you needed.

    Totally cool if you hate any, or all, of it and it doesn’t work for you! And again, if I’ve overstepped myself, I’m so sorry and I hope you’ll forgive me.

    Hopeful about his future after overcoming loss, Ryan Ware is living his dream life as a first round draft pick. He’s enjoying every crazy minute of fame, fortune, and gorgeous women.

    Despite being the most sought-after writer of romance, severe anxiety keeps Leah Jones isolated. Having a regimented life keeps the triggers at bay that could put her back in the hospital, perhaps permanently.

    A chance meeting in New Orleans, Leah’s brown eyes capture Ryan’s heart, and he vows to learn more about this reclusive beauty.

    Can Leah’s anxieties withstand Ryan’s crazy life? Can Ryan learn enough about real love to be the right man for Leah?

      1. I agree. That’s a stronger blurb, and fits what I might have said: tighter, tell us just enough and leave the details for the book 🙂

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