Hipmunk Hotels: Adventures in Lincoln, Saint George, Salt Lake, Park City and Milwaukee

My America bucket list travel in the midwest continues with a jaunt through Nebraska, Utah and Wisconsin. All my trips have a list of musts; food, hotels, adventures and now architecture. This part of the country has some unique buildings. Styles you wouldn’t expect in America.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska is the state capital of Nebraska and has an interesting nickname for its capital building. How could you not want to stop and take titillating photos of what is affectionately referred to as the “Penis of the Plains”? The inside of the building is as interesting as the exterior. As someone who loves libraries, the capital houses a historical library with secret bookshelves and reading lights attached to the walls. I have to check it out.

Photo provided by Jen Barnason via Trover.com

Saint George, Utah

Named after the Church of Later Day Saints (CLDS) Apostle, Saint George, Utah sits in the Mojave Desert. The landscape with its red dirt and hilly mountains make this city an outdoor paradise. It doesn’t mean they don’t have some interesting buildings. One I have to check out is St. George’s Utah Temple. They CLDS built the Temple in 1871 and has a natural disastrous past. It’s been through unstable ground, they had to pack the swamp ground with volcanic rock for it to stand. The walls fell in 1872 after being struck by lightning in 1872 and a fire destroyed the temple in 1928.

Photo provided by C G Oakeson via Trover.com

Salt Lake City, Utah

Continuing on the CLDS tour, Salt Lake City, Utah, holy ground to the Mormons was founded by Brigham Young. While I may not agree with the religious practices of the Mormons, the Temple Square is an architectural and historical landmark built-in 1928.  The architecture reminds me of the great cathedrals in Europe. The grounds are beautiful and evoke peace and spirituality.

Photo provided by TravelTess via Trover.com

Park City, Utah

When I think of Park City, Utah, extreme winter sports come to mind. The city is known for it outdoor activities from hiking, biking and skiing in the mountains to swimming and fishing in the beautiful lake. One of the must-see stops in Park City is the High West Distillery & Saloon. In 1914, the Begg family built a home. The Carriage house came later, but it was a private home up until 1997 when the city bought it. The Saloon and Distillery is known for its classic western food and handcrafted cocktails, which have you reminiscing of the old west.

Photo provided by Jen – Nealys On Wheels via Trover.com

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Last stop on the midwest tour will be Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee exemplifies the midwest to me. So, the ultra modern and ultra sleek Milwaukee Art Museum doesn’t fit the mold of conservative Milwaukee. The museum with its three distinct buildings designed by three award-winning architects.  The War Memorial and the gardens are unique in their own right, but the Quadracci Pavillion is a post-modern that is a spectacular sight I can’t wait to see.

Photo provided by Andy Shears via Trover.com

One thought on “Hipmunk Hotels: Adventures in Lincoln, Saint George, Salt Lake, Park City and Milwaukee

  1. I’ve passed through these places, but never spent time in most of them. My wife and I spent the night in SLC last summer and drove around Temple Square, but since it was Sunday morning we didn’t park and go inside because it looked pretty busy. I’d been there back around 1981 or so, but not since until last summer.

    We ate lunch in St George a few years ago, but otherwise have only seen the town in passing. The surrounding terrain is pretty rugged and just outright pretty to look at.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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