1,000,000 Words

Like every New Years Eve, I spent last night writing down my goals for the new year. My cousin, BFF, bucket list buddy (yes, they are all the same person) and I share them and help keep each other stay accountable.

As I was working through my list, I realized my goals were all something, God willing, somewhat achievable, but my mind keeps seeing a number and I thought, what the hell. I want to write 1,000,000 words in 2016.

Untitled-1Now, I know that seems crazy, but when I broke it down, it seemed a bit more attainable.

83,333.33 words per month

20,833.33 words per week

2,732.24 words per day.

I average 1,000 words an hour when I’m working on my WIP. Even if I’m writing slow, let’s say it takes me 3 hours a day to reach that goal. With 24 hours in a day, that’s not too much.

But, what will I write?

There the 11 projects I have slated to write this year.

7 full lengths at 70,000 words each

3 novellas at 25,000 words each

1 short novella at 10,000 words each

If my math is correct, that 575,000 words. I’m over half way there.

Freelance projects of 3,000 words per month are on the schedule.

That’s another 36,000 words.

I want to dedicate one blog post a week for two different blogs. Each post 300 words. That adds up to another 31,200 words.

If I add in emails, outlines, project plans, and yes, even grocery lists, or anywhere I can average 300 words per day, that would get me to 109,800 words (The leap year helps.)

I’m at 752,000 words. 

I just need to find another 248,000 words. 

It may be more of an aspiration, than a goal, but the point is to keep writing in 2016, so if I am working towards that, any number I hit by the end of the year, I’ll be happy with.

AND, I am already off to a good start, 350 words down, only 999,648 more words to go.

What are some of your GOALS for 2016?

2 thoughts on “1,000,000 Words

  1. That’s ambitious. I can write 2000+ words/day. But not while also doing the editing that has to be done eventually. I’ll be happy if I finish another 1.5 novels (one is half done) and edit at least one. Plus a boatload of short stories and all the usual blog stuff and some trip reports for my backpacker’s forum and…I wonder how many words I do write in a year, if you count EVERYTHING?

    Anyway, I hope you nail that goal!

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