The Unforgettables: What You Need to Pack for a Trip to Arizona

For a world traveler, I am a notoriously bad packer. I over pack and curse my sore muscles and inconvenient baggage fees even before my trip starts. One of the things that helps is to make a list of the activities I plan to take part in and pack accordingly.

Arizona is another bucket list region I have spent time in, but I need to do a revisit because it has so much to offer. From the beautiful scenery to the physical activities and cool Wild West history, it makes for a packing challenge that, with some planning, I think I can conquer.

Phoenix, Arizona

A start in Phoenix, Arizona, is a must, not just because it’s the biggest city. It is a diverse city with access to amazing activities without getting too outside the comforts of modern life. It has so much including shopping, if you forget something, but I would make sure I pack my best golf clothes for this leg of the trip. Phoenix and its suburbs have some of the most beautiful golf courses in the United States. To play your best, you have to look your best, so pack the collared polos and coordinated shoes to spend the day at the links in Phoenix.

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Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, is the spot where you can enjoy the outdoors. The beautiful terrain offers hiking trails for people of all skill levels. Most of the trails are easy to follow and offer the most breathtaking views imaginable. If you plan a visit to Sedona, make sure you pack your hiking boots. They are called hiking boots for a reason, and you will enjoy the experience if you pack these staples for your outdoor adventure.

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Tucson, Arizona

You would be hard-pressed to find a place in Arizona that doesn’t have a beautiful sunset, but Tucson, Arizona, has the best. There’s something about the desert and the way it reflects off the sun in this city up in the mountains. It will be over all too quickly, so make sure you pack a camera to enjoy the beautiful sky with all its colors long after the sun has gone down.

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Prescott, Arizona

You may be ready to shed the signs of the town and rough it for a while. Pack your camping gear and check out Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona. Watson Lake offers campgrounds, hiking, horseback riding, and boat rental. It’s a well-known destination for Arizonans, who flock to Watson Lake during the summer months when it’s sweltering in the city. Visit during the fall and winter for pleasant temperatures in the off-season, too.

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Yuma, Arizona

To add a little history to my Arizona adventure, I have to make a stop in Yuma, Arizona, to visit the Yuma Territorial Prison. This working prison was under continuous construction from 1875 to 1909. It housed several notorious criminals, including women. The original structure stands today, so pack your ball and chain and see how criminals lived in the late 1800s.

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2 thoughts on “The Unforgettables: What You Need to Pack for a Trip to Arizona

  1. I’ve only been to AZ once, and it was for the Superbowl. I found it beautiful then, and wish I’d had more time to explore. Those lovely shots make me think I really need to follow through on that thought.

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