I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. I stuffed myself on my favorite meal of the years and today I thought I would detox and share with you some of my favorite IR authors with the Color of Love Giveaway Blog Hop. Between November 27th & December 6th, visit all the authors and blogs for individual giveaways and make sure you join the Blog Hop giveaway at the Rafflecopter Link below.

Grand Prizes

1st Prize – $75.00 Gift Card & 6 ebooks

2nd Prize – $50.00 Gift Card & 5 ebooks

3rd Prize – $30.00 Gift Card & 5 ebooks

4th Prize – $15.00 Gift Card & 5 ebooks

5th Prize – $10.00 Gift Card & 5 ebooks

6th Prize – $5.00 Gift Card & 5 ebooks

To enter for the chance to win one of these grand prizes, please enter the Rafflecopter by clicking here.

First Book Box

Second Book Box

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Sydney Aaliyah Blog Giveaway

There are some amazing books with some amazing Interracial Romances.I love this genre. Let me know some of your favorite IR couples either from movies, television, books or real life. Each comment will enter to win an ecopy of my IR Series, Hope Series Box Set (A Sports Romance).

Hope series box set-v2-3

Hope Series Box Set is available on

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Happy Hopping!!!

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  1. Thanks for participating in the Color of Love Blog Hop. There are too many IR/MC couples that I love to mention just one. And I keep adding more to my list. The genre is awesome.

  2. Okay, this is perhaps too obvious, but Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant in Scandal jumped to mind as soon as I read your question, so I guess they must be my fave IR couple at the moment.

  3. I don’t watch entertainment programs on TV (unless you count depressing news and documentaries entertainment) and, boy, I haven’t watched a movie in a while…

    Anyway, my favourite real-life couple is from my real life: my cousin, who is Filipino, and her Egyptian American husband. They’ve had some pretty tough things to deal with in the first few years of their marriage, but their bond is now stronger than ever, with the addition of two gorgeous kids. I haven’t seen them personally in a while, but we’ve always been close so we talk online often. (I am determined to teach her young ones our language, mostly because when they finally “visit home”, they’re going to be with people who don’t speak English very well. LOL)

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