Budget Hacks: Traveling in New England Cheap

A new region on my USA bucket list is New England. I love history, and nature and shopping and this region hits on all of those or more.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

When I think of Cambridge, Massachusetts, my intimidated brain thinks of Harvard. I love Harvard and all the allure of the Crimson. You could spend a cool afternoon strolling the campus, soaking in all the knowledge from the historical buildings. Stand on the Harvard Bridge and experience the intellectual pull from the Ivy League college on one side and MIT on the other. When you’re done fantasies, check out one of the local college pubs for an inexpensive meal and a pint.


Photo provided by Sebastian Yepes via Trover.com

Mystic, Connecticut

Located on the Mystic River (Love that movie), Mystic, Connecticut is a historical seaport that get’s my maritime juice’s flowing. I love boats and being on the water. In Mystic, you can see how they navigated the waterways in the nineteenth century.  The town houses several nautical historical attractions like the Charles W. Morgan whale ship and the James Driggs Shipsmith Shop. Check out the last hour to the Museum of America and Sea for huge discounts or spend two days exploring the museum and get free admission on the second day.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Another seaport destination I have to hit is Bar Harbor, Maine. The residents of Bar Harbor have created an old world tranquil community that personifies the harmony between people and the environment. It is the destination for many local islanders who come to town for restaurants, taverns, and antique shops.

An attraction that will give you the sense of what this town is about is the Shore Path. Arrive early enough for the sunrise. Close by in Arcadia Park is Thunder Hole. This small inlet naturally carved out of the rock and allows you to witness the power of the ocean as the air and water create a unique thunder-clap.

Entry into the trails in Thunder Hole is free.


Photo provided by Susan Bryant via Trover.com

North Conway, New Hampshire

Located in the White Mountain National Forest, North Conway, New Hampshire boast all the outdoor activities you can think of from skiing, snowboarding, golfing, fishing, and camping, but I would be heading to Conway for some tax-free shopping. The Settlers Green Outlet Village is a shopping experience enjoyed by tourist and locals alike. It houses over 60 outlet stores from some of the trendiest brands. Depending on the time of the day, the Village holds several season inspiring activities and events for the family.

Warwick, Rhode Island

Are you tired of the water, yet? Warwick, Rhode Island has thirty-nine miles of shoreline. I would start my exploration of this former Native American outpost at Apponaug Four Corners. Known as the historical heart of the city, the intersection is a part of the Pequot Trail. A short distance away, explore the Apponaug Village.  Grab a copy of the Walking Tour of Historic Apponaug from the Department of tourism for free.

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