V-Very Cool Quill and Ink Tattoos

VAnother popular tattoo among writers is the Quill & Ink. Here are some of my favorite:

Lori L. Clark – I love watercolor tattoos and wanted a feather pen with the word believe for my writing endeavors.


Lori has been busy this year. Check out her Come Here, Go Away Box Set


Angie Richmond – But my most recent tattoo (which was done June 26th) represents a new beginning for me. It’s a quill with the words This is my journey. It’s located on the inside of my right forearm. It’s a reminder for me to stop and enjoy the moment. That everything I do is part of my journey in life. I wanted the quill because it incorporates the writer in me.

Tattoo 2-1

Megan Erickson – My first tattoo is on my ribs (ouch!) and it is a feather quill and ink bottle, with the words, “Carpe diem.” I got that tattoo so that every day, when I looked in the mirror, I was reminded to seize the day, make it count, and WRITE. Two months after I got that tattoo, I wrote my very first book.


Megan has a few new releases, so she got to show up twice.


All three of these tattoos are unique and have a unique meaning to each writer. I love how the same image can have so many different interpretations.

If you have ink and you want to show it off, please let me know in the comments. I would love to feature you on a future #TattooTuesday


4 thoughts on “V-Very Cool Quill and Ink Tattoos

  1. No tattoos here, but those are beautiful. I guess you’re at Camp Nano. Hope that’s going well 🙂

  2. I love the first tattoo in particular! I can’t imagine how painful it must be to get a tattoo on the ribs, let alone the first time. I’d stick with fleshy areas, like the thighs and upper back. I’d also have to get any tattoos in a place where my Orthodox friends couldn’t see them.

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