S – Symbols & Tattoos

SSymbolism is very popular in writing and in tattoos. I found two authors who had symbols tattooed on their skin that offer motivation, inspiration and all those cool things.

Rachel Morgan

TattooThe tattoo on my ankle is the outline of a fish, or ichthys in Greek. The actual Greek word has five letters. These five letters are the same as the first letters of the words Jesus Christ God’s Son Saviour. I think it’s pretty cool that one little symbol can have so much meaning. 

Check out Rachel’s Books:


Suzanne Van Royen

tats s van rooyenMy newest tattoo and first one with colour is of the Druidic symbol known as the awen which means poetic inspiration and is strongly associated with the idea of a muse or that seemingly extrinsic power that fuels our creativity. I like the messy hand-drawn style of my tattoos and never want anything to look too clean or precise, but more like a doodle and spilled ink.

Check out Suzanne’s books:


Do you like symbolism in your books? 

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