B – Books

BRomance novels with tattoo themes are popular these days. I love them. Here are my top five tattoo themed books.

  1. Tattoo Thief by Heidi Joy Tretheway – the male MC has an Ambigram tattoo.
  2. First Ink by Laura Wright – hot sex scene in a tattoo shop.
  3. Hard as it Gets by Laura Kaye – military guy turned tattoo artist.
  4. Rule by Jay Crownover – emotionally charged book.
  5. Three, Two, One by JA Huss – love the symbolic ink on this cover and it a story about best friends who have matching tatts. I love that.


These stories run the gambit from rock stars and tattoo artists, to unique tattoos that steer the character’s lives. I have a tattoo series in me as well.

Do you like tattoo inspired stories? What is your favorite tattoo themed book? 

8 thoughts on “B – Books

  1. Alex took the words right out of my mouth….sorta. Because I haven’t read many books that are tattoo themed I was going to mention The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, except I only watched the movies…both the original Swedish ones and the American adaptation.

    For some reason I’m also thinking of the main character dude in DIVERGENT…doesn’t he have a tattoo as well? Again I only saw the movie, didn’t read the book, and still need to watch INSURGENT while it’s still in theaters.

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