Hope for Her – Top 10 Favorite Lines – #3

Through out the month of September I’d like to introduce you to the characters and my Top 10 favorite lines in Hope for Her.



Line #3: 

I watched her walk toward me. Her face hid in the shadows, but she slowed down and hugged herself. She sighed when she saw me.

She continued, slow and steady. She walked right up to me. I stood up and leaned on the back of my car. I crossed my arms over my chest. Her face became visible as a car from the other direction illuminated her tear stained face.

My heart dropped, and I held my breath. She was devastated, and I did that to her. Her wet face scrunched in a painful flex, and her lips quivered. She turned away, and I started to reach out for her. As my right hand grazed her left arm, her right hand connected with the side of my face.


I don’t condone violence, but sometime men do some stupid stuff. At least, Josh realized he messed up … at this moment. 

Ladies, what’s the stupid thing your guys’s done? Guys, what’s the stupidest thing you have done? 


pbsThe pre-order price for Hope for Her is .99 cents. Pick up your copy now, the rate will go up to $2.99 after October 1st.




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