Hope for Her – Top 10 Favorite Lines – #8

Through out the month of September I’d like to introduce you to the characters and my Top 10 favorite lines in Hope for Her.


Line #8: 

In rehab, they preached the importance of establishing a routine. Do the same thing every day to develop positive habits and replace the bad ones with something less dangerous. They got it all wrong. The drug addiction wasn’t the dangerous habit; the habit of self-loathing and fear of not measuring up was much worse. 

Josh had some challenges recently, but now he is ready to turn is life around. If he can find something or someone to keep him on the right path.

I battle this constantly as I’ve been trying to lose weight all summer. It’s all about replacing bad habits with something better for me.

What do you do to avoid temptation? 

pbsThe pre-order price for Hope for Her is .99 cents. Pick up your copy now, the rate will go up to $2.99 after October 1st.




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