Hope for Her – Top 10 Favorite Lines – #9

Through out the month of September I’d like to introduce you to the characters and my Top 10 favorite lines in Hope for Her.

Carrington Olivia Butler


Line #9 – Chapter Two: 

I considered my high school experience normal, in the strictest scene of the word: normal activities, normal parties, and normal boyfriend. My girls and I infiltrated the cool kids club occasionally. My junior year, I caught the attention of Matt Brennan. His popularity extended to me due to our relationship, and I held popular girl status by association until graduation.

Carrington spent her life living in the shadow of her more successful siblings, but now she is ready to shine. I can related. My brother lives a charmed life and I have to remind myself we just took different paths.

Do you have a sibling who’s life seemed a lot easier then yours? 

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