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Huge thank you to the awesome co-hosts for the June 4 posting of the IWSG C. Lee McKenzie, Tracy Jo, Melanie Schulz, and LG Keltner!  Special shout out to our captain, Mr. Alex J. Cavanaugh. Make sure you visit them and as many of the support group as you can.

I’m not sure if I’m actually looking for advice. I’ve heard it all. I feel the need to share. In hopes that others have had this particular issue.

The night before my release, I posted on a FB Group how I didn’t think I would need a  peep talk prior to my book release, but later that night, I couldn’t sleep and it seemed like I was seconds away from an anxiety attack.

What was I so scared of, well, no sales. That’s what scared me. What if not one person bought my book. Ridiculous, I know.

Well, the first day went better then expected, but now I’m depressed again.

Anyone else experience the Book Release Blues? What did you do to get over it?

I also wanted to thank everyone who supported me during the release of my debut novel, Another New Life. I need to remind myself it’s not every day a person get’s to realize a dream. I am so grateful.



72 thoughts on “#IWSG – My Release Day

  1. I think there’s so much build up and work before the release, that the very day afterwards you’re flat and there’s nothing to do. It’s out of your hands – it’s up to the book itself to work it’s magic. That feeling will come and go – maybe later today you’ll be euphoric again 🙂

  2. My biggest fear isn’t so much that no one will buy my novel but that no one will like the story. After spending so much time researching, writing, editing, and formatting, every word becomes personal. Then the threat of rejection becomes even more personal. But there is always another story around the bend and new interests to occupy my time and my mind.

    1. That’s a real fear, as well. Why is it that no matter how many people say the like it, you still think it’s not good enough.
      I’ve been trying to get into another project, but fining it hard to concentrate.

  3. There is so much build up to that release day. We just have to keep momentum going to get over it. Congrats on your release.

  4. It’s hard. I found by doing a quiet release first, a couple weeks early, then announcing it later, helped. Then I did a blog tour 2 months later to spread it all out. I don’t think there’s any one right way, tho. Move onto the next writing project and focus on that. Have you read Sue K. Quinn’s book Indie Survival Guide? It’s really empowering. I highly recommend it.

  5. Wow. This is the second post I’ve read, today, addressing book baby blues. ((Hugs)) for being depressed, again. I’m sure everything will be great! Just know there are loads of folks thinking about you. 🙂

  6. Congrats on your new release. Keep writing the next story. Meanwhile promote the heck out of your book, cross your fingers, & hope. 🙂 Best wishes.

  7. I’m sure those are very normal feelings to have. It’ll only get better with your next!

  8. Congratulations!
    There’s always a downturn for me after a book’s release and the blog tour ends. I found the best thing is to either keep writing or keep touring. Don’t freak!

  9. I always feel blue after every big event in my books’ lives. After release day. After cover reveal. After I get my first review. I feel like it never ends. And I do worry most over sales. I don’t worry that no one will like it. They won’t have the chance to like it or not if they don’t buy it!

  10. Congratulations on your release! I definitely had that and for the next month or so because I was worried about that too but mostly I was really hoping people would enjoy the book and afraid they wouldn’t. 🙂 It’ll pass though. 🙂

  11. *hugs* I think we all go through it to some degree. Like someone mentioned above, there is so much build up before the release and then life continues mostly unchanged afterward. It’s a let down. Once you recover from that you start to get anxious about getting the second one out and what if you’re too slow (me, I’m very slow) or it’s just not good enough.

    You’ve got to try and be happy with the journey, because with writing you never really “arrive”. Good luck and congratulations on the release!

  12. I suppose it really is a letdown. I didn’t feel the blues until about a month after release, but for the most part I stayed in the “high” of my accomplishment. What freaked me out was the thought of people hating it, but I just kept myself busy with family and writing. We all cope differently, I guess and there are ton of advice out there, as you said. Congratulations on your release, that is awesome all on its own. 😀

    1. It’s funny to think about what people are thinking as they read your stuff. It’s crazy. I had a reader contact me on my FB page a minute ago and she said she liked it. That is the best feeling.

  13. I just released a book last Thursday, and after the flurry of initial excitement, the buzz has died down and the sales have slowed. Now it’s back to reality. Time to work on the next book. Time to figure out how to promote the books I’ve already released. Yep. The book release blues can be brutal. Best of luck to you and congratulations on your new release!

  14. I haven’t released my debut book yet, so nothing to share on that front. But, I do want to congratulate you, and say that it probably gets easier with each subsequent release. At least everything else that I’ve experienced works that way, so why not publishing too? 🙂

    Great IWSG post!

  15. I have not gone through book release anxiety yet, but I know I will be a basket case when it happens. But, hey, you made it through, and the book is out there. It belongs to everyone else now. 🙂

  16. Hello Sydney. I can’t imagine the nerves before/after a book release. Hope my time’s coming soon! I will check your book out. Okay, WordPress never lets me comment using my blog link, so good ole facebook here we go…

  17. First of all, thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting 🙂 The Book Release Blues -while I have yet to experience the highs or the lows of a book release- do make sense. Someone earlier said that there is so much hype building up to a book release and I’m sure that contributes to the let down of such high expectations and high emotions. As you said, however, it’s such a realization of a dream! Your book is out there! In the world! Congratulations on that and don’t let the blues get you down 🙂


  18. I understand exactly what you’re saying. I think the answer is to just keep writing. Start or work on that next book.

  19. Haven’t had a book release yet, but I’m sure it will be nervewracking. As for the post book signing blues, I’m sure they will go away as so as you start worrying about the next event–or your next book. Good luck.

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I haven’t published my book yet, but it will be out soon and I’m already worrying about it — will it sell, will other people like it, etc., etc. Your depression sort of reminds me of the empty nest syndrome. Your baby (book) has flown off into the world to live its own life. It takes a while to get used to that. I know I’m having a hard time letting go of my book. Congratulations on your book release, and I hope your spirits rise soon!

  21. Melissa Maygrove talks about this phenomenon in her post and called it the “book baby blues.” And like a lot of other commenters have mentioned, I’m sure it’s part of the build up and subsequent release after so much hard work. Things will get better, try to focus on the positive. Congratulations on getting your book out there and into the world, that is such an accomplishment!

  22. I’m pretty sure all that anxiety and depression is normal. We are crazy emotional creatures, us writers. There’s no getting around it. Chocolate helps a little though 😉

  23. I’m right there with you. I had the dance around the room phase to the sob in my pillow phase – total drama queen for two days: the day of, and the day after. Whew. It’s a blessing to write a book. It’s a blessing to read one. And it’s a blessing to keep writing through the mess of publishing.
    Hope you have a wonderful day, and keep at the writing.

  24. no I’m not near that stage yet. I’m sorry I can’t be of help, but fortunately others have offered their advice and support. I think, no matter what, just keep swimming :))

  25. Congrats on getting your baby out into the big bad world! It’s an incredible achievement. You have had copious amounts of good advice here so I can only echo them. It can be hard to know how to market our books. Hopefully you get some great reviews because word of mouth is good. And get down to writing the next one because those who like this will want more. It’s all about forward progress!

  26. Congrats on your release! I understand this is a very common problem after release day. Hang in there. Keep breathing and maybe do a blog book tour to keep the excitement going!

    ALL the best!

  27. I can’t really offer advice since I have NO experience with this but I can say what I’ve seen: a lot of great books start slow and build as readers talk about the books, why they love it, and what they hope the author will do next. I think that- the reader’s experience- leads to longevity of sales well beyond the marketing blitz around the initial release.

    Either way that piece of it is out of your hands- you poured your blood, sweat and tears into it already and let it loose into the world. Trust that it was all worth it and the world will prove you right.

  28. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m still catching up from vacation. I hope your release day woes have calmed. As a reader, I try to share the joy of author’s releases by spreading the word on twitter and blogging. It’s especially fun when it’s an author I know personally or someone I’ve followed their publication path online.

  29. I totally get you. When I finished my last manuscript I dragged my feet before submitting it anywhere becasue I was reluctant to hurtle toward another anxiety-filled release day.

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