Y – Yes!!! Tattoo Tuesday – Special Addition

YOne of my favorite scenes in the book happens at the very end. You know that thing about the best way to ensure a relationship won’t last is the get the persons name tattooed on you body.  Well, Troy found a way around the rule. Let’s hope Miranda doesn’t freak out:

I walked back into D&D, coffee in hand, ready to lecture Dan on his lack of directional skills, but I stopped when I noticed Troy’s right hand. I almost dropped the coffee.

He had words written on the space between his thumb and index finger. It spelled Miranda Preston in a beautiful cursive, but it wasn’t just written, it was tattooed.

“What did you do?” I looked at Troy. He looked quite proud of himself, but his face fell when he saw my expression. “Why did you do that?”

He took the coffees out of my hand and sat them on the counter.

“Okay, before you freak out, let me explain.”

He grabbed my hand. “I didn’t get the name of my girlfriend tattooed on my hand. I got the name of my best friend.”


“You’ve been my best friend my entire life, and that’s never going to change.”

“What?” I understood but wasn’t sure whether to kiss him or smack him for doing something so stupid.

I couldn’t believe he did that. He had my name … tattooed on his skin … forever.

How could I possibly express to him how crazy and stupid and precious and amazing he was to me for doing that?

“I want one too,” I said.

“Yes!!!! She bought it,” Dan said as Troy pulled me in his arms and kissed my lips.

I still don’t recommend it, but if you’ve been friends since you were four years old, it might be ok.

Anyone ever got a significant others name tattooed on their body? Are you still with the person? Is the tattoo still there? 


My new ink inspired by Another New Life!!

New InkThank so much to Manny from Bob Shaw Tattoo! He is my tattoo guy for life.


10 thoughts on “Y – Yes!!! Tattoo Tuesday – Special Addition

  1. Interesting. Nice post for today. I haven’t myself, but I only have two tattoos so far and neither involve words. I would probably be more likely to get something symbolic that reminds me of them once I find a mate than their actual name.

  2. I’ve never had a tattoo, or a piercing, and never had the slightest inclination to it. A lot of people I know now think it’s strange that I served in the military for over 20 years and never got a tattoo. Each to his own.
    A good post, with a great excerpt. I like the dialogue.

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