V – Vomit

VEvery one know what feels like to vomit, but did you know there are three different types of vomit triggers?

There is the spoiled food or drink trigger. 
There is the inebriated or hung over trigger. 
There is the emotional trauma induced trigger. 

Miranda experienced the later.

I lost it. My insides clutched together like in a vise and my whole body convulsed as I threw up breakfast and lunch. After I had emptied my stomach, my body continued to dry heave and shake. I willed myself to stop before I hurt myself. I wiped the sweat out of my eyes and tried to stand up straight. Dizziness took over, and I grabbed the tree again.
When the dizziness and panic subsided, all I had left were tears. Hot, thick tears fell from my eyes. I didn’t bother wiping them away. I took one step forward while still holding on to the branch for support. I took another step and confident I could walk on my own. I let go. I walked past the party and down the street. I turned left at the corner and then took off in a sprint. 

What triggered the last time you . . ., you know? 

15 thoughts on “V – Vomit

  1. I’ve never experienced the latter before, and always thought it weird when characters did that in movies when they saw something gross. Hopefully I won’t have to come across something to truly test my gut. 🙂

  2. The last time I hurled, I had the Norovirus. Two days of horror with my seat on the toilet seat and the trash can in front of me, followed by several days of weakness because I was completely dehydrated. My rib cage hurt from retching so hard. I hope I never go through such a thing again.

  3. Easy to remember this one. It was five years ago, so I was about 57. Before I go on, I gave up the demon drink many years ago and I can’t remember the last time I had any level of food-poisoning.
    Right where was I … oh yes, it was about five years ago. I got out of bed, at about 3am, in absolute agony. I pulled on my dressing gown and walked, or staggered up and down the garden path, until … the event.
    I knew I had a problem because I’d been getting pains for about three years, but nobody could diagnose it.
    After my even I was taken to hospital and the next morning my gallbladder was removed – complete with the tightly bunched stones that couldn’t have been taken out by keyhole surgery.

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