S – seven, seventeen, and seventy


I’m not sure why I am having such a hard time with S. S is a great letter and Another New Life is full of ‘S’ themes to talk about. 

I could have written about the secrets in the book, but if I did that you wouldn’t need to read it.

I could share a sex scene, but the idea makes my cheek turn red and that takes some effort. I can write a pretty good sex scene, but I’d rather leave you to read it in the context of the book and in he privacy of your own Kindle/Nook/iPad.  No need for gratuitous sex scenes on my blog. haha.

I could writer about siblings, but my main character is an only child and if I talk about other siblings in the book, then I would be revealing a secret and then I would have to delete the whole post and start all over again.

So, how is this for a random fact about Another New Life. I reference the number seven, seventeen & seventy more then any other numbers in the entire MS. Not sure the significants, my favorite number is 8.

What has been your hardest letter during A to Z, so far? 


23 thoughts on “S – seven, seventeen, and seventy

  1. I think the hardest letter every year of the A to Z Challenge is the letter X. 🙂 It always stumps me. I love that you discovered those numbers in your story!

  2. My favorite number is also 8…which has nothing to do with the different multiples of Seven, but a fact all the same lol. I had a tough time with S as well. Ah well. A sex scene would have made me blush…but I would have paid full attention hahahaha kidding, I understand an I’m with ya on that!

  3. So many S words and you say you’re stumped? So sad. Hope your not getting sick of the alphabet.

    I agree about X being the toughest to continue coming up with clever new ideas every year. I’ve already cheated on that letter for my dream blog.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  4. My hardest by far was my O. Not because I couldn’t find a word. But because of the word itself. I find it the most challenging to accomplish. O is for “I try to be optimistic” Yes. Hard. Especially when all the darkness surrounds you. Finding the glimmer of hope can be daunting at times. But it’s always there.

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
    My A to Z
    Caring for My Veteran

  5. Thanks for no sex scene.
    I can’t remember which one was the most difficult, When matching years with the letters, I started with the hardest ones and got them out of the way quickly.

  6. Hmm… good question! Looking over the list I think it was O. I don’t much like that one, now. I should have used my maiden name, Oglevee. I could have had fun with that! I’ll remember it for next year. Mary at Variety, the Spice of Life

  7. I’m writing about writing as my challenge theme, and I thought at first that X, Y, and Z would be my horror letters, but I’ve actually worked out how to deal with them, so now I’m looking forward to them.

  8. X is a tough one for me. I know what I am going to do, but just writing it is hard. That being said, hard in a different manner, my P, T, and U posts are emotionally very difficulty for me. I should not be crying as I write and edit them, but I can’t stop myself. Every time I think about them, I come to tears.

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