Q – Quotes by Troy Anderson

QI was going to share my MC’s greatest quotes, but I decided to help Paige Rion out and turn my Q post over to her.  Check it out here. I get her back by taking her U post, next week.

But, I still have a few choice quotes from my male MC Troy Anderson to share with you.

“I remember everything you say to me.” 

“I haven’t heard your voice in eight years, and I like the way it sounds.” 

“I can’t believe we waited so long to do that.” 

“We’ll… work… something… out,” Troy spoke between kisses.  “We’ll steal Ryan’s notes.” 

“That I want to be with you.” 

“If you ask me, we haven’t moved fast enough.” 

“Listen, if it takes you a little while longer to get to where I’m at, that’s fine. I’ll wait.” 

Troy is such a great guy, but trust me, he’s not perfect. Do your favorite lines still get to you, even after you’ve read them 400 times? 



AVAILABLE JUNE 2, 2014!!!!

8 thoughts on “Q – Quotes by Troy Anderson

  1. Some nice lines used there. Yes, a few of my character’s lines stay with me, and I can read them with the same feeling as when they were written, because I see them as an integral part of why they were written. It’s necessary for editing to be able to read them over and over again, so it pleases me when they work.

  2. Yes, I can say that quotes often stick with me, whether from something I’ve read or heard, or from something I’ve written. Interesting snapshot of a character via quotes

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