L – Love and a Giveaway

LI had a short post for L, so I decided to share a give away. I would LOVE for you to win $50 and introduce you to a novel about secrets, which is the central theme to Another New Life.

First LOVE – Miranda used a Jedi mind trick to get Troy to profess his love for her:

I watched the shape his lips made when he said my name. I placed my fingers on his lips as he said my name over and over again. I loved the sensation on my fingertips. I loved the way it sounded coming off of his lips.

I loved the way he held me and looked into my eyes. I loved the way he made me feel.

My thoughts stopped when he leaned over and whispered, “I love you, Miranda.”

Did he just read me mind?

Have you used any Jedi mind tricks in your relationship?

Win $50!

Welcome to the April Easy Money Giveaway! Every month, EasyMoneyGiveaway.com gives away free gift cards to one or more lucky giveaway winners. Entering is simple–just follow the directions on the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post! But first, take a moment to learn about an amazing book from one of our giveaway sponsors!

Bound by Time

by A.D. Trosper

It’s her destiny to break the seal and his to keep her alive…

Isobel Moore is looking forward to spending her summer break alone while her parents are overseas. Until she returns from college to find her home isn’t quite the welcoming place it used to be. The stained glass window her parents installed is more than just a beautiful piece of history; something sinister is sealed within the colored glass.

When Isobel meets her new neighbor, Damien DeLuca, she discovers the gorgeous and mysterious stranger has plenty of his own secrets. Including the knowledge of what’s happening in her home.

As her world spins out of control, she unravels a past that not only tests her limits, but also everything she thought she knew. The darkness within the window yearns to be free and it will do anything to escape—including killing Isobel.




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How to Save a World from Dying

Soul Taken

Bound by Time


6 thoughts on “L – Love and a Giveaway

  1. If only I could have used Jedi mind tricks back in the day. I’m satisfied, though, knowing i hooked my wife with my old fashioned methods 😀

  2. If I tried to use any mind tricks of any sort, my wife would sense them and stop them with her own. Just because she doesn’t admit to being a witch doesn’t mean she isn’t one after all …

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