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Butterman600x900Today on Tattoo Tuesday, I would like to welcome Pk. I got to know Pk when she let me beta reading her book, Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc. It was my first beta read that turned into a published work of fiction and I even got my name in the Acknowledgements. How cool it that? haha. She is my indie published/writer/amazing person role model. 

Pk, welcome to Tattoo Tuesday. Tell us your tattoo story: 

When I was twenty—way back in ’93, I got my first and only tat. Here it is:

photo (78)

Not very big, about the size of a silver dollar, right on the back of my neck. So this particular era was when the tattoo and piercing craze began. I was in college, and some friends had started getting tats, and I knew I wanted one, but wasn’t sure what. I knew I’d know it when I saw it.

This was also when I discovered I was artsy-phartsy, and drawing all the time. I also had friends who drew all the time. We’d do murals on our apartment walls and pretty much exploded with art anytime and anywhere. We had a distinct underground tribal style and were all about making creative statements.

Romantic relationships back then were a dime a dozen. We had such a vast group of friends, and were always meeting new people. I had heard through the grapevine there was this one guy who was into me. He was known for the tats all over his back. He was into bats, which I thought was cool and different, and had a bat on his back. Anyway, he finally asked me out, and coincidentally I’d just discovered the tattoo I wanted from my friend’s sketch book.

So where did we go on our first date? To get my tat.

Oddly enough, the woman who did my tat wouldn’t put it on the back of my left shoulder where I wanted it. I’m not sure why, but I’m really glad she didn’t. I like it much better on the back of my lower neck.

As for the relationship with “bat guy,” we dated for about a month and then moved on. Just wasn’t in the stars, I guess. But it was still the coolest, most unique first date I ever had. Over the years my tattoo has been a nice reminder of that time in my life when the world was my oyster. I used to get asked what it means and I’d say “Freedom of youth,” which is totally made up, but in a sense, it does mean that to me. Later I got my nose pierced and I’m pretty sure gave my parents some gray hairs with my newfound freedom. Lol

I wanted to get a tattoo this year since I just turned forty, and also because I published my first book, but I decided to wait til my trip to New Zealand and get something warrior-ish over there. Or maybe elvish? Haven’t fully decided yet. But I’ll be sure to share when I do.

Thanks so much for featuring me and my ink here today, Sydney!

Connect with Pk and pick up her latest release, Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc.

            *Adventure through fearless creativity *

If you have a book coming out or just want to tell your tattoo story and want to be featured on Tattoo Tuesday, let me know by leaving me a message in the comments.  

16 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday – Pk Hrezo

  1. oh PK how I remember those times of the big push for piercings and tattoos. I sadly fell under that spell too!! thanks for hosting a wonderful charming lady with an amazing book!!

  2. When I was in college I wanted one, but I was always too poor. Then after college I was always pregnant or breast feeding. By the time I was capable, the mood had passed. Maybe when my midlife crisis settles in?

    1. LOL, Elizabeth I think the midlife crisis is a perfect time for a tat, altho the magic of it will have prolly lost its luster. Still, now that I’m 40 I really want another one. Mid-life crisis anyone? lol

  3. PK’s tattoo story brings me back to what I think should be the whole reason behind getting tattoos for people who decide to do so. Her ink brings back pleasant memories and serves as a reminder of “Freedom,” — a is a great through to be able to have nearby during times when life throws curve balls at us. I also like her first date and the individuality that came from her decisions on what to get — she got what she wanted rather than getting a bat or something that symbolized the guy she was dating.

    So, her tattoo is meaningful to her and serves a purpose that lives beyond the one-month relationship with the bat dude. This is by far one of my most FAVORITE stories I’ve read on Sydney’s Tattoo Tuesdays! I still doubt if I’ll ever take the leap into tattoo territory but it’s cool to see all of the interesting stories behind why various teens and adults get them.


    Haven’t been here in a while and must say, I like your new blog design. You just keep switching it up, don’t ya, lol 🙂

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