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It is the first IWSG under the new site. Congrats to the new Insecure Writer’s Support Group website. Our host for this month, CD Coffelt, Tina Downey,Isis Rushdan, and Michelle Wallace! Thanks to you all.

There is this quote I heard from the rapper Ludacris that said, “passion is energy.”

I’ve also heard that when you’re searching for your passion, “You should do the thing that gives you energy.”

Most of the time I feel this way about writing, but somedays, not so much. Take today for example:  The plan was to get off of work early and make it to the library by six in order to have three uninterrupted hours of writing. I managed to get off on time, but first I had to drop a package off at the UPS Store. I went to three UPS Stores before I found one open and the traffic to get to that one was a beating. By this time I was starving. Instead of a nice energizing meal, I grab and chicken sandwich and fries from Wendy’s and eat it in the car while trying to avoid hitting anyone.  By the time I made it to the library, I was exhausted, frustrated, and full. I wanted to lay my head down and take a nap. 

Instead, I flip through my scene list and found the first kiss scene, one of my favorite scenes to write in a book and proceed to plow through it.  When I looked up two hours later I got 1700 words in and it came out pretty good for a first draft.

The library is kicking me out with this annoying song they play, but I wanted to ask: What do you do to energize yourself when your exhausted, but still need to write? Do some scenes energize you more then others? 

A big thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh, J.L. Campbell, Susan Gorley, Joylene Nowell Butler, Michelle Wallace, L. Diane Wolfe, and Lynda R. Young for their work on the IWSG website. I is a sanctuary for writers. Thank you!

36 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group – Energy!!!!!!!

  1. I tend to reward myself when I’ve got the writing done. Like I’ll say to myself, ‘Just write today’s quota, get through the next scene, and then you can have a treat.’ It tends to work pretty well. Or, I’ll just push myself through it until I’ve got the writing done. I know that if I don’t I’ll just be disappointed in myself, and I hate that!

  2. I’ve never thought of writing a scene that will energize me, but I write linearly, so that technique wouldn’t work for me. I’d feel thrown off.

    I tend to just write regardless and set a minimum word count. But not one that will frustrate me.

  3. I’m smiling to myself because I recognise the procrastination herein. Although, you’ve done far better than me when it comes to engergizing myself for the long haul lately!

  4. Fantastic! You were absorbed in your work! I totally agree with that quote. I admit, sometimes the passion/energy eludes me, but I find it by reading something awesome someone else wrote, or listening to my fave tunes. I’m gonna need energy next month when I try to draft BT sequel. Ugh. lol

  5. Take the dog for a long walk or read something awesome or watch a great movie or dance like an idiot around villa to music played too loud. Or a shower – that can work too. Junk food is always a no-no for me. I feel tried and drained and become creatively useless.

    Glad you found you passion Sydney!

  6. Sometimes music helps to pump me up so I can push through. After the UPS run-around and eating in the car, I probably would have went home. I admire you for making it to the library.

  7. Juggling always works well. I throw everything up in the air and make sure writing is the only thing left to land in my lap. As for the rest all around me, sometimes it can just stay where it lands for a while. Writing lives a life of its own in my world.

  8. Definitely coffee. Also, I tend to only write in the mornings (first thing, before work), so I don’t usually have distractions (unless my husband is awake watching ESPN for some reason:) Also, kudos to you for writing after ALL those deterrents! If it were me I would have gone home and took that nap.

  9. You know, I’ve never really thought about what energizes me as a writer. I don’t think it’s always the same thing. Sometimes it’s music, other times it’s reading a book (especially one that’s very different from what I’m writing), and other times it’s playing with my telescope. I guess what energizes me is just keeping an open mind to whatever experiences life throws at me.

  10. I know EXACTLY what you’re going through. My best laid plans for maximizing my writing time NEVER work out and I am often ecstatic at having gotten just those 1700 words out. But at the end of that day, when we see our bar right where it needs to be on that graph, it;s a good day.

  11. Coffee. (love the Kuerig) I’m more creative in the morning so that’s when I write. I use David Gale’s write track even though I’m not doing NaNo. It’s great staying ahead of the projected goal. Good luck with NaNo.

  12. Well, I tend to just put my head down and start. Sometimes, I get lucky and the dam breaks and the words start to flow. Other times, it’s an uphill slog, and I cut myself some slack if I can’t get traction that day. Either way, good for you for pushing yourself and getting a lot of work done!

  13. Kudos for making it through the library with a substantial kissing scene:) That’s actually my least favorite scene to write–I gravitate towards the visceral scenes, loaded with drama/ angst. Film music is always a great motivator, but I’d have to go with coffee. If all else fails, I drink wine and read the work of my favorite non-procrastinating authors:)

    1. I think the glass of wine would have helped. I have a cool place where I can sit outside and having a glass of wine and write, but it’s getting to cold to sit outside and inside the music is to loud in this place. Need a quiet winter spot.

  14. Some great thoughts here. I’m struggling right now (and often) with pure tiredness, as in lack of sleep. Nothing drains my creativity like 6 hours of sleep (instead of 8). And I try to put it back with coffee, which doesn’t really work but makes me feel like I’m doing something about it. Mostly, all I can do is sit down and try to push through, and accept that when I’m that tired I have to get up and move around a lot more–the attention span just isn’t there, and it’s better to go do some laundry than to start surfing the Net.

    And can I buddy you on NaNo? Maybe you can keep me inspired, with your determination that took you to the library when any normal person would have gone for the nap!

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