Insecure Writer Support Group

Or, 7 days away from finishing my fourth round of edits. More on that in a minute.


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Ok, back to the topic at hand.

Write the first draft – check
Let it sit for three weeks – check
Read through and find the big mistakes (edit #1) – check
Read through and find the big mistakes you missed on the first read through (edit #2) – check
Read through and find the small mistakes (edit #3) – check
Read out loud and find the not so obvious mistakes (edit #4) – Finish in 7 days. 

But, then what?

I love this story. It has consumed all of my free time over the last four months.  I’ve put in the work to turn it into a story that even after reading through it 10,000 times, the parts that are supposed to make me laugh, still make me laugh and the parts that are supposed to make me cry, still make me cry and I can’t wait to see what happens even though I know the ending.

But, is that enough to put it out there for the world to see?

I know about beta readers and critique partners and editors, I’ll do all that, too. What I really want to know is even after all that, will there be a clear sign that let’s me know, ok, publish it?

How do you know when your story is good enough for public consumption? 

21 thoughts on “Insecure Writer Support Group

  1. Tough question. I don’t guess we really know until the public has bought 10 million copies and then who really cares. Then I’d just deposit my checks, have some fun, and write the next thing be it good or bad.

    Really though, that can be a tough question that has a lot of variables.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Ugh, I’m editing too! I’m actually putting off editing right now, so …

    Back to the point- I feel you on the ‘when is it really ready?’ part? It seems like the more I edit, the more plot flaws I find, and the more time it sucks up. But, overall, I can see it tightening together well, my characters are getting to know each other, and I’m having less moments of, ‘wait, what was I thinking?’

    I guess it’s all worth it 🙂

  3. I don’t think we ever really know. I know I’m done making edits and corrections when I start changing things back to the way they were in the first draft. That’s my cue to say stick a fork in it, it’s done.

  4. I think after all the work you put in, when everything’s been done that can be done, the feeling will just come to you that it’s ready to be published. Like your instinct will kick in and let you know. I don’t know from experience just yet, lol, but that’s what I’ve always imagined. 🙂

  5. I’m just starting the editing process myself. Stories are like kids you do the best you can but at some point you have to whack the umbilical cord and turn them loose. Once you turn it over to the betas you’ll still have a chance to make changes until you feel it is just right.
    Best of luck to you.

  6. There NEEDS to be a sign. lol I finished my 4th (or 5th, I can’t remember anymore) read-through (the one before was the one where I read aloud) and I just want it to be magically be published at this point. lol

  7. Uuuuum … I’m not really sure how to answer that question! I guess when you get to the point where you read through it and the only thing you fix are typos or little words left out? Because if you’re not changing anything about the STORY or the WAY it’s being told, then you must be happy with it 🙂

  8. Having never published before I have absolutely no idea. I know there are some famous quotes on it somewhere, though… Ah- here’s one: Neil Gaiman said, “Remember that, sooner or later, before it ever reaches perfection, you will have to let it go and move on and start to write the next thing. Perfection is like chasing the horizon. Keep moving.” I think most authors find that they fall in love with next project the way that you’re currently in love with this one and that, usually, is the time to put it out there.

  9. Such a hard one, and I don’t know the answer! But, from what I’ve been told, if it goes through a professional editor and he/she isn’t really pointing out many corrections, I’d say you’re there 🙂

    Good luck honey!


  10. I think it’s always going to be tough – I’ve felt the same with blog posts, and I’ve got to the point where I feel, on the balance of probabilities, it’s probably best to let go and publish. It’s not easy, but that’s the best advice I can offer!

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