O – Dallas Observer

a-to-z-letters-oMy second trip to New York, I was 17 years old and pushing the limits of my parents patience with my quest for independence. They humored me by taking me on a college tour even though they had no intentions of allowing me to attend university there.   I was roaming the streets and shops of The Village and picked up a copy of the Village Voice.  I devoured the quirky and eclectic stories and features. Little did I know, we had our own version in Dallas called the Dallas Observer. Even today, I read it every week either in print or the online version.


Let me share a few of the stories from a recent issues:

Did I mention it was free? Does your town have a paper that features the not so normal side of the news?  

4 thoughts on “O – Dallas Observer

  1. We have The Reader, it’s the coolest magazine in San Diego and I hope it never stops being published. Sometimes I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, but I still read it. Do you read the Village Voice? Or just keep it local with the Observer? Sometimes I like to branch out to other areas, I figure if I don’t get what the Reader is talking about and I live here, then it probably doesn’t matter if I don’t get what the Voice is talking about either. It’s quirky in a way, but then again, so am I. 🙂

  2. I have been to Dallas twice, once for a job interview with Ericcson phones and then for a work conference. I loved the city and hope to go back sometime.

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