H – Homes in Dallas

a-to-z-letters-hAs I was roaming around the city, I found myself having all of these deja vu moments. You know that feel you get when you have been here before.  Then it hit me, I have been hear before.   I’ve lived in 5 different places in the Dallas Metroplex.  Two with my family and three on my own.



12 to 18 years old, formative years, got my own phone line, snuck out, had my first boy/girl party, had my first parents out of town party, had surgery on my hands, got my first car, boyfriend, and job all while living in this house.



Coming home after my first attempt at college wasn’t to miserable, but this place motivation me to get my act together and go back to school as quickly as possible.    Cockroaches do not make good roommates.



First real job after college afforded me this lovely place. On the first floor, I felt safety was an issue. Had more then one nightmare about someone sneaking in and killing me. Felt a little better when looking after my 2 year old nephew who accidentally dialed 911, the cops showed up in a matter of minutes.


This apartment was on the second floor and much bigger than my previous place. The complex was fun, too.

I can’t remember anything else of significance happening in this place. Probably explains why the next year I moved to Washington DC and started law school. Needed a new adventure.


DSC02305This is where I live now, temporarily. My parents who are in their golden ages decided to purchase their dream home 5 years ago. A two story, 5 bedroom home with a study, game room and theater. Now, you tell me, why do they need all this house? I am grateful, there is still room for me, temporarily.

This is my dream home in Dallas. Some day.

 What’s your dream house look like? 

9 thoughts on “H – Homes in Dallas

  1. I’ve never looked at houses much in Dallas other than driving around the neighborhood near Northpark Mall. Seemed like a nice older established area with some nice homes. Seemed like we used to go to a lot of malls when we were staying in Dallas. Maybe because it was usually hot when we were there.

  2. It’s been a long while since I had even a notion of a dream house. This little terrace, walkable to work and cinema, with great neighbours, Wild garden, enough space to grow tomatoes & beans, birds on my patio and enough space for my welsh dresser, red sofa and me (could do with a studio at the end of the garden though) is dream enough right now.

  3. Great way to learn about something about you! I love going back to visit places I have lived. My childhood home just sold and my sister got to be the realtor. I begged her to let me in so I could see the inside of it, but she wouldn’t 😦

    Thanks for sharing!


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