The Big Reveal Bloghop – There’s no turning back now.

Big Reveal 032113I am a bit hesitant to participate in The Big Reveal Bloghop because, well, there’s no turning back now. Once you reveal your theme you kind of have to follow through with it. Well, here I go.
The theme for my 2013 A to Z Challenge is My Hometown; Past & Present. My formative years were spent in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding suburbs.  I recently moved back after being away for 7 years. So much has changed. I thought I would play tourist in my own home town, from A to Z.
To take it one step further, I will be penning short flash fiction pieces for each stop on the A to Z trail. That’s right, 26 short stories in 26 days.
Now, a word on these stories. I was going to write all completely original stories written in the setting and using the setting for the day.  Well, I do have a life so that won’t be realistic. Here are the parameters I set for myself and these stories:
Each story will be set in the location for the day.
The story can be original or a memory of something that happened to me in that setting.
It’s up to you guys out their to decide which stories are true and which are from my imagination.

I wanted to take a moment to extoll the greatness that is The A to Z Challenge. It is such a blast and I’ve been looking forward to 2013 A to Z since the end of 2012 A to Z. If you haven’t signed up, do it now. If you have signed up, get ready for a wild ride.

If you signed up for 2013 A to Z, tell me your theme in the comments?  If you didn’t sign up, why not? 


39 thoughts on “The Big Reveal Bloghop – There’s no turning back now.

  1. My theme is going to be ‘Obscure Super Heroes’….the ones besides Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. 🙂

    I like your theme…it has all sorts of possibilities.

  2. Wow, are you going to be busy! I am certainly joining the challenge and am also a minion this year! I have chosen a theme – book reviews of my blogger buddies! Enjoy the challenge!

  3. Sounds fun. I’m toying with taking on the challenge, maybe on a theme that will let me do my regular mix of stuff–“Reading and Writing” I guess!

  4. My theme…is a contest. hahaha.
    A book guessing contest.
    Technically not a theme.
    Your theme sounds great! I’ve only been to Texas a few times…but I live just above it!

  5. What a great theme idea! As someone who has moved around a lot, I find the concept of home & what makes a place feel like home quite interesting. I’m currently living about an hour west of Dallas, so I’m really looking forward to reading your A to Z posts! ~Tui

  6. When I was in junior high, I was in a class where we all had to pick a state out of an envelope or hat, and then write a report about it. I got Texas. I had so much fun researching about Texas- I’ve always wanted to visit. So I look forward to reading your posts!

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