My Weekly Update – Breathless

You know how the anticipation of something is sometimes better then then actual thing. Well, let me tell you, when you are shown something unexpectedly and it is amazing, that trumps it all.

I saw the The Silver Lining Playbook (Great Movie. Bradley Cooper was amazing) and caught the trailer for The Great Gatsby.

I wept. I moaned. I grinned, laughed and groaned.  It took my breath away!

This is another book on my list I have to read before I see. Are you looking forward to seeing The Great Gatsby? 

Grammy Night

Although I haven’t seen the Grammy’s in over 5 years. From the hype, its going to be a great show, more performance based. And, they are creating these amazing collaborations. This year pairs Rihanna with Bruno Mars and Sting & Alicia Keys with Maroon 5.

But, I can’t wait to see Justin Timberlake return to do what he was born to do.  He and JayZ (love him) are performing their new single Suit & Tie.  I am breathless just thinking about it.

Are you watching the Grammy’s? What performance are you looking forward to? 

Post to Review

Get Writing Fit by Ellie Garratt – Guest Post on My First Book – I am focusing on #2 & #3 this year.  

Free Writer’s Weekend in Hawaii by Mark Koopmans – I really want to go. Let me see how I can work it out. Plus, its my birthday.  

Things I’ve learned from Star Trek #348 by Ali Cross – She even has a Star Trek video. 

Writing Tips:  Join Contest by Shannon A Thompson – One of my goals for the year.  Great advice. 

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Next Week’s Schedule
Monday – The Versatile Blog Award – And the Award Goes To
Wednesday – Writers Group Re-Cap – another incentive to make me go
Friday – Prossia Blog Tour – Built From What-If
Sunday – My Weekly Update

8 thoughts on “My Weekly Update – Breathless

  1. I am super excited for The Great Gatsby! It was supposed to be released at Christmas, but got pushed back. Ugh!

    Glad to hear you liked Silver Linings, I didn’t. Not at all. Well, I did like Jennifer Lawrence, but the rest made my skin crawl. Perhaps because it’s a little too close to some of my family members? 🙂

    Oh, and the Grammys! Yes, I’m totally looking forward to seeing those. Then we’ve got the Oscars coming up, too. I love awards season!

    1. I’m happy I have a a few more months to get that book read. I wonder why it was pushed back. Silver Linings seemed to be pretty honest. But, I do just love Bradley Cooper and his blue eyes.

  2. You haven’t read The Great Gatsby? Girl…it’s one of my favorites. As for seeing the movie…I saw the previews, and they looked good…but I’m a bit biased towards the original movie with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. Of course that may be because this was the movie that brought on my huge Robert Redford crush…he sure wears suits well, and oozes a certain charm…much like many of the old greats (Cary Grant being my #1 favorite of the old greats before he died.)

    1. I know. I don’t know how I missed it. But, can’t wait to read it now. Once I read the book, I will watch the Redford version, too. Cary Grant. William Holden does it for me? I love those old movie actors, too.

  3. About Gatsby, I have to admit, I love the book and the movie version with Robert Redford, which is why I’m a bit undecided on the new movie version. I’ll still go see it, but it will have o excellent to make me forget Robert 😉 Have a good writing week!

  4. Thanks so much for the shout-out! I loved The Great Gatsby and am super looking forward to it! Looks like Leo’s interpretation might be awesome. I’m not usually into the Grammy’s but you never know! I might turn it on. 😉

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