January Progressive Book Club – Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

mlswift.blogspot.comIt is the first meeting of the the Progressive Book Club. I am so excited to get started. The first book is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.


This book has been on every must read for writers list.

It is the perfect book choice to start acquiring the tools to take my writing to the next level in 2013.

Return on February 20th (well, I hope you stop by before then) and read my post about Bird by Bird.

There is still time to join the club.

Have you read Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird? What tips did you learn from this book?

27 thoughts on “January Progressive Book Club – Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

  1. I am so excited about this, Sydney! Nice mention. We currently have twelve and there’s always room for more. Future books include Save the Cat and a non-crafting book called The End of Your Life Book Club.

      1. Oooo…I’m psyched and am enjoying BBB. This is just what I needed to make sure I get these books read.

        I’ve made a PBC tab/page on my blog and ask that you link to it, and not to the post about the club. It is a new and improved (much clearer) version of how the club works, guidelines, and where the list of books will be updated. The link is similar to the other, but it’s got an extra “p/” in it.


        Thanks, Sydney!

      1. It’s excellent. I think you’ll enjoy it. I like Lamott’s non-fiction. I think she is best in that genre.

  2. Hi Sydney! I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s post on this- it will be very interesting! Glad you stopped by and said hello!! 🙂

  3. Hi Sydney– this is a great book. I’ve read it a couple times already actually, but am looking forward to reviewing my notes and reminding myself why I loved it so much. I quote from it all the time. Among my top five favorite motivational books.

  4. Yes I’ve read it. A couple of times. One of those thick little skinny books that surprise you when you least expect it. It’s not so much a book that “teaches” you how to write – so much as it is a book that really, really GETS you in the mood to write. You read this book and you want to leap up, sing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah in a minor key with the words reverse, rip off your clothing and throw yourself at the keyboard to make mad passionate love to your vocabulary.

    Things I learned from Anne Lamott?

    Patience and playfulness.

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