Insecure Writer’s Support Group

Thanks to our Ninja Captain Alex and welcome, LG Keltner and CM Brown.  Apparently we have gotten so insecure, that Alex needed some help.  We are a difficult group to support.

I don’t have an insecurity this months so much as a revelation and a warning.

I had it in my mind I couldn’t call myself a writer until I had actually written something and in June I wrote my first novel.

But, now I am starting to think like a writer, too.

Let me explain what I mean.  I have been traveling in China for the last two days.  Something that isn’t easy to do in the smaller cities if you don’t have at least an elementary grasps of the language, but it is fairly safe.

Everyone once in a while, I get this anxiety fueled feeling that at some point I could be kidnapped.  That has probably more to do with National Geographic Channel shows like Locked up Abroad.  To my credit, I’m not stupid.  If you go to an airport with heroine duct taped to your abdomen, you deserve to be locked up abroad.

But, I was in a cab this morning heading to the airport and the thought creeped in my mind.  And, you know my next thought.

Thank God I backed up my current WIP before I left for this trip.

Now isn’t that just like a writer to think about her work before her life.

My warning:  Make sure you back up your work before you leave the house just in case you get kidnapped.  When you return, you won’t have to started from the beginning on your chick lit bestseller. Priorities.

Have a great month everyone and for those Nano’er out there, just keep writing. 

Quick Trip to see the Terra Cotta Warriors – Amazing!

17 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group

  1. I may have giggled at your experience. 🙂 And I’m so paranoid about losing my WIPs I email it to myself around three times a week, its set on back up on Scrivener and I save it to an external memory as well as three word files. I spend a LOT of time saving, time I know I should use writing. But one day, I’ll lose my MAC (and if I live through the trauma) I’ll log on, sign into gmail and retrieve my WIP. That is of course, if I lost my external memory source too. It helps me sleep 🙂 I LOVE that you’re travelling – sounds so exciting and the picture looks super intriguing. The history you’re consuming must be fascinating and inspirational. But you’re right – move away form the duct tape – bad things come from it in EVERY story I’ve ever read. X

    1. Yeah, I am under the opinion that is is only a matter of time my Mac breaks or I loose it or any of a number things is going to happen. It has made me a paranoid back upper, too. haha. You can laugh at me. I don’t mind. haha.

  2. That’s so funny, but true.
    When I started falling asleep before I finished my nightly backups I decided to invest in automatic on-line backup (Carbonite) and haven’t regretted the peace of mind it gives me.
    Of course that won’t help me on the road!
    Have a great trip! I’m sure you’ll have all kinds of great stories to write about it when you get back.

  3. Let’s hope you don’t get locked up or kidnapped. Ever since losing a few pieces of writing that I’d put time into, I tend to back-up on a regular basis anything that I want to keep. I hate putting a lot of work into something and then having to redo it. The second time around never seems to have the same enthusiasm.

    1. That happens to me when I think about something I am writing and then don’t write it right then. It played out in my brain better then when I put it out on paper. Haven’t lost a significant piece of writing, yet. {{Knock on wood.}}

  4. At least you have your priorities in order! The writing is always first. Lol

    You think like a writer because you are a writer. I always worry about my PC being stolen. It’s my life.

  5. i am a chicken o tavel that far outside my comfort zone, wish i had the confidence (& money & time!) we all need broader experiences. it leads to understanding! going to back my stuff up asap! thanks!

  6. Love the priorities. As far as I’m concerned there’s no such things as being too concerned about making sure your works backed up, it’s a lot of effort lost if the computer crashes and everything’s lost. Yes, I do speak from experience.

    Safe Travels 🙂

  7. That’s better, than to be unaware at all. A piece of advice too, you should have a thought in mind that everyone’s a suspect but never appear to be the victim… Enjoy your trip always…

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