What’s Your Chocolate?

I told you it was a Blogfest heavy month for me.  Today, I am truly excited and regretfully sad to bring you the What’s Your Chocolate? post.

Ciara Knight and her fellow host asked a very important questions recently; Do you love chocolate? Why yes, I do.  And, thanks for asking.  But, I am not a chocolate purest. Well, if given a piece of chocolate, I would eat it, but I prefer my chocolate with peanut butter.

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Without further ado, I bring to you my top 5 favorite chocolate and peanut butter pairings:

#5 – Butterfinger – The first candy bar I remember eating with my dad many, many, many years ago.  I haven’t had one in years until recently.  OMG, is it still good.

#4 – Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup – It is the classic chocolate peanut butter candy and still a crowd pleaser, but for me I prefer it in the Easter Egg, Christmas tree and the newly discovered Easter bunny shape.  Year round, I prefer other forms.

#3 – See’s Peanut Butter Patties – a little fancy. A little pricy, but the only chocolate and peanut butter treat I can find in Hong Kong with any consistency.  You do what you have to do.

#2 – Lindt’s Lindford Chocolate and Peanut Butter Truffles – These are super rich and super decadent and I discovered them at Barnes & Noble years ago.  I would wander up and down the aisle of B&N looking for the perfect book for that day.  Next to the check out where these lovely treats.  I would only buy one.  One is all you need.

#1 – Peanut Butter M&M’s – When I get off the plane coming back to America, I purchase this bag. On my way to the airport to go back to China, I buy another one of these bags.  Take note, this is the XXL size bag.  When ever anyone send me a care package they know to send me these.  It is just BLISS in bite size chocolate peanut butter pieces.

None of these treats are available in China on a consistent basis, therefore I regret I am unable to partake as often as I would like.  Oh, the deprivation.

There you have it.  That’s my peanut butter chocolates.  
What’s your chocolate? 

54 thoughts on “What’s Your Chocolate?

  1. I love chocolate with peanut butter as well, but my favorite would probably have to be chocolate with marshmallow. Or caramel. Or chocolate truffle. Or English toffee. Actually I like all chocolate–I guess the combination depends on my mood and what I’m craving.

    Chocolate milk and milkshakes, Chocolate ice cream and gelato–all variations, chocolate this and that and on and on….

    1. I love how chocolate can solicit such thought provoking comments from my friendly followers. We may not talk about politics or religion, but we freely pontificate our own opinions on chocolate. We truly are a free nation. Which is ironic as i am writing this from one of the last great (as in big, not good) communist countries in the world. haha.

  2. Peanut butter and chocolate is devine and kept me going back to America till I could get it over here (uk) 😉 For me it’s got to be thornton’s continental range.. ooh no their winter range.. get’s me through a cold one. Then again chocolate and orange, no.. chocolate and mint.. hmm.. can’t choose my favourite. Depends on the weather and my mood… and time of day… and location.. drat I must sound like a fussy chocolate eater.. best not give me a choice, I’ll eat it all..

    Thanks for giving me dreamy thoughts for breakfast.

    1. Another great comment over the subject of chocolate. I love it. I haven’t gotten into orange and chocolate, but mint chocolate chip ice cream is one of my favorites. After chocolate peanut butter of course. Interestingly enough, I even have a top five chocolate peanut butter ice cream list: 5 – Baskin Robins, 4 – Ben & Jerrys, 3 – Breyers, 2 – Cold Stone Creamery, 1 – Haaghen Daez – It all depends on the ratio between chocolate and peanut butter. Ok, I am hurting myself here. Stop talking about chocolate and peanut butter.

  3. I never realised there were so many peanut butter chocolates out there, especially the Lindt ones – I’m not sure they’re available in the UK.

  4. Hi Sydney .. well that finishes off the peanut butter chocolate selection! A good old fashioned bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Fruit and Nut … haven’t had that for ages! Don’t often eat chocolate … but love truffles, and chocolate caramels ..

    Cheers to you and your peanut butter choccy memories .. Hilary

  5. If only Peanut Butter cups still tasted like they used to. Not that I like peanut butter or chocolate very much, but the Peanut Butter cups managed to make a good combination out of the two. But now? Kind of tastes like peanut butter flavoured sugar paste.

  6. I Lust chocolate! One indulgence for me is Godiva’s raspberry filled starfish. Chocolate and raspberry or chocolate and orange and some times chocolate and chili but I haven’t found the perfect blend. I will keep searching.

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