Tattoo Tuesday – A Mother/Son Tattoo Story

I am turning Tattoo Tuesday over to one my favorite blog friends, Karen Einsel.  Her 2 blogs, Different Corners in My Life and Karen’s Different Corners are daily stops during my blog reading time.

Here she shares a story about her son’s first tattoo and the part she played in him acquiring it:

My son, Adam, wanted to get his first tattoo before he graduated high school and I told him no, that he had to wait until he was 18 and we went round and round about it. See he was only 17 when he graduated. I told him to wait until he was 18 and then I’d pay for his first tattoo and even get one myself, but he didn’t want to wait. Finally I made the mistake of telling him if he could pay for it (Which he wasn’t working and I knew he didn’t have the money for it) he could get one. What he didn’t tell me was his friends down the street, their uncle was a tattoo artist and he gave Adam his tattoo for free 🙂 I came home from work one Saturday and Adam was sitting in the chair and I sat down in the other chair across from him. Well his shirt sleeve didn’t quite cover his tattoo and I got up and walked over and touched it and asked if it was real. (It was pretty much healed at this time) I have never believed in hitting my kids. A few well worded threats and the mom stare has always kept them in line and he asked, “What are you going to do to me?” I went to work the following Monday and was telling my boss about it and he told me it was my own fault because I told my son if he could pay for it he could get one. Well he didn’t actually pay for it but…It’s been 10 years since his first one, he still hopes to have sleeves someday, but tats are expensive.
Here is a couple of Adam’s tattoos: 




I love the color in the snake tattoo.  Karen also mentioned Adam is a tattoo artist himself.  Good luck to Adam and thanks to Karen for being a supportive mom. I tested my mom a lot, too and now she is my biggest fan.

You can also follow Karen on twitter at @k_einsel

Anyone else have a great tattoo story?  I would love to hear it and feature you on Tattoo Tuesday.  

3 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday – A Mother/Son Tattoo Story

  1. My goodness! I made myself sound like a horrible mom! LOL! First, he wasn’t punished for it. Adam is headstrong and when he sets his mind on something, he goes for it. Actually he’s a lot like me, so there were times we’d butt heads, but through it all he’s a great kid. Kind, polite, helpful, open minded, and respectful of others. I just thought that if he would have waited we’d get one together, kind of like a celebration of him turning 18.
    Thanks Sydney!

      1. No he doesn’t, he should. A couple of years ago he wanted to move to Washington (the state) and open a shop there, but sometimes things happen. He’s living and working in San Diego right now, but who knows he might still move one day 🙂

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