Shanghai is Going to be Good.

Two days into the move to Shanghai and I am happy to report the following:

Spent the first day observing this for work.

New Golf Course

Then I was free to locate my favorite store

Cool entrance.

Because I am a Mac addict and I need to make sure I know exactly where to get my product.

I had to make sure I find a good place for this and this

Mexican food in China. It was good!
Need my sushi.










I needed to make sure my favorite writing spot was close by

Great coffee and better wifi.

And a necessary back up since the former doesn’t open until 9:00 am on the weekends.

Opens at 7:30 am.

And, found these other essentials.

Need pretty nails to write well.
New Gazelles for new adventures.










All in all, I think this move to Shanghai is going to be good.  And, if I need any other inspiration, all I need to do is look out my window.

When you move to a new city, what do you scope out first? 

10 thoughts on “Shanghai is Going to be Good.

  1. This post is way too much fun! I haven’t moved to a new city in 24 years, so I don’t know what I’d scope out first, but you have totally got it going on, my friend! Mexican food in China? Who knew!

  2. Pretty nails for writing.. That must be where I’m going wrong. Love it! My list: Somewhere to watch the world go by and write is usually where I start. Next comes a place to be at peace. After those two I’lI head for the nearest market to get my fresh veg and see what the locals are like.

    1. My next stop will be finding a good supermarket with a good mix of local and imported items and getting to know the local transportation. Shanghai has a great metro system.

  3. “When you move to a new city, what do you scope out first? ”

    I’m going to pack up a bagful of my things and move so I can answer this question properly.

    Does a week in a hotel count as moving? Maybe?

  4. What an excellent start to your new adventure! It looks like you’ve scoped all the important things. The last time I moved was to Yaounde in Cameroon for six months in 2007. Finding a coffee shop was paramount — no Starbucks there but I did become a regular at a nice Middle Eastern cafe that also had to-die-for schwarma and falafel.

    1. Hi Laura, yeah I think I am all set. Living in southern China where I moved from I did have to be more creative. Not quite like Cameroon, but very different then America. Shanghai is very westernized. Finding the Mexican food blew me away.

  5. What a cool entrance to Mac!

    I was raised in New York City – we don’t have anything like that 🙂
    Good luck on your adventure!

    1. As a frequent visited to New York, I have scoped out all my necessities there as well. My brother has lived there for 15 years. NY has its own coolness. Haha. Thanks Danita.

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