A Letter to My Pre – JuNoWriMo Self

In the tradition of “A Letter to my Younger Self”, I decided to writer a letter to my pre-JuNoWriMo self.  
Dear Writer in Training,
Congratulation. You did it.  You completed the first draft of your first novel.  I am so very proud of you.
Now I realize that when this month started you were all worried about if you would even be able to write a single page.  And, your brain was focused on getting 50,000 words no matter what, but I am happy to say you learned so many more lessons this month then you even thought possible.    The most important lesson will be that you are going to fall in love with writing.  So, be ready for it and enjoy the process.   
At the beginning, I don’t think you understood how the process of writing was going to make you feel both mentally and physically. It is not going to be easy and it will not be automatic, but over the course of the month you are going to get an idea of what being a writer is all about.  
You will have goals and deadlines and people depending on you and if you are open to that, you writing life is going to be very fulfilling.  
You will get an education in understanding the difference between the craft of writing and the business of writing.  Pay attention, it will be important someday.   
You will dare to put your writing out there for the world to see and you will get some feedback.  Just take in any and all criticism because you can always learn something.  Even if the criticism sounds harsh, suck it up.  It will only make you better.   
In addition, understand that your writing process is very much like your personality.  You are an organized and focused person, but you like to know the answers before the questions are even asked.  It is the lawyer in you.  But, be open for the surprise twist and turns that your characters are going to take.  It is a blast when your MC does something you didn’t expect them to do.  
And, while you may have thought writing was a lonely pursuit, you will be pleasantly surprised that over the course of the month, you will make some great writer friends who are supportive and want you to succeed.  Don’t take that for granted. 
I am really excited about the month you are going to have.  Although you need to get more rest and exercise, in the end your will achieve your goals and most important you will have finished what you have started.  
Enjoy the journey,
New Writer

If you knew then, what you know now, what would you have done different? 

My deepest and heart felt thanks to:

A.E. Howard, Becca J. Campbell, James Eggebeen, EM Castellan, Morgan Hyde, A.M. Schultz, Amanda Fanger, Charlotte Stevens, Juliana Haygert, Felicia Wetzig,  Wendy Lu, Angi Black,  and the other JuNoWriMo participants.  You are all awesome.

14 thoughts on “A Letter to My Pre – JuNoWriMo Self

  1. Wahoo! Congratulations and what an awesome post! I think I may write a letter to myself like this, then seal it up and wait to read it again until just before JuNoWriMo next year.

    I think the biggest thing I would have done differently would have been making sure to clear out my schedule more, prepare more with notes and character development stuff, and to be an early bird rather than a night owl because I figured out I get more done in the morning than at night.

    And let’s definitely keep up the friendships ^_^

    1. I actually stole the idea from Oprah. haha. I have been debating this morning/evening writing time for awhile now. I hate getting up in the morning, but must admit it is the only time of the day that I can get 2 hours of uninterrupted time. Still need to figure this out more.

      Definitely – keep it up.

  2. *Hugs*

    You were great fun to participate with, Syndey! I loved your weekly update interviews from the participants. It was great sprinting with you, too. Congrats on rocking JuNoWriMo! 🙂

  3. What a great post! I was thrilled to share that experience with you, and I really enjoyed reading your weekly interviews with fellow participants. Getting to know other writers was the best aspect of JuNoWriMo for me, besides the fact that it made me write every day. In the end, I didn’t make it to the 50.000 words but it was still a wonderful experience.

    1. Thanks EM. You are right. Getting to meet new people and share this experience with everyone was the best part. I really appreciated your doing the interview.

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