JuNoWriMo Particpant Interview Felicia Wetzig

I am so excited to feature one of my favorite bloggers on the net and JuNoWriMo Winner, Felicia Wetzig. 

Tell me a little about what you are writing for Junowrimo. 

It’s a paranormal story, loosely based on a dream I had about a tiger with green eyes. A few weeks after the dream, the image was still vivid in my mind and I began to think about a person whose spirit could leave his/her body and become an animal. There are a lot of spirit based entities in my story (not in a religious sense), I’m using various shape-shifter legends and some Faerie legends.

Chloe’s a normal country girl who’s spent most of her life in the forest, but when a strange energy in the forest draws dangerous creatures to the area, her safe haven begins to fall apart. The only person who seems to be able to help her, a new student at her college named Keegan, shares the exact appearance of the ‘man’ who brutally attacked her. 

Is this your first time doing this type of challenge? 


How has it meet your expectations so far? 

It has been quite a ride. I was hesitant about getting involved. I wasn’t sure how it would really help or hinder the writing process, but in the end I’m glad I did. I would have never written 50,000 words in one month. My first project ended at about 100,000 and that took me more than 6 months. It’s been great having other people to push me along; the camaraderie was the best part.  It has also been a lesson in not thinking so much about every little thing and, instead, letting the words flow unedited. 

What was your writing schedule like this past week; time of day, # of words per day.

Oh boy…  I had a lot of catching up to do this week. The first week of the challenge I was ahead, but things (work mostly) got in the way. As of last Sunday, I was 16549 away from the finish line.  I wish I could say I have a consistent writing schedule but…

Sunday 4013

Monday 1600

Tuesday 854

Wednesday 715

Thursday 0

Friday 3190

Saturday 6349 (my biggest day for the month)

I crossed the finish line about 15 minutes before midnight. 

Did you do any planning for Junowrimo?  If so what type of planning and how are your plans working out so far? 

Not really. I’m not a big planner. I knew my two main characters, and I had a basic understanding of the paranormal rules I’d be following. Beyond that I don’t plot or create formal outlines. I just let the scenes happen and then I fill in missing points later. 

What is your word count as of June 30th?

At midnight I had 50,172 words, and still more work to do before it’s finished. 

For more information and to connect with Felicia visit her on her website,The Peasants Revolt, Twitter and Facebook.
Website: The Peasant Revolt – http://scotzig.com   Twitter: @Scotzig      Facebook:  Felicia Wetzig

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