Would you give up a year of your life to . . .

I recently read an article in the July 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.  The title of of the article was Would you give up a Year of Your Life to Sleep With Ryan Gosling?

The article proceed to pose several opposing scenarios and it got me thinking how would I answer these questions?  I decided to give myself a little quiz.

Would I give up a year of my life to sleep with Ryan Gosling?

Maybe, but for Johnny Depp, Ben Foster, Troy Aikman, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Chef Michael Votaggio, or Orlando Bloom – absolutely.  Just as long as I got to tell people and I got to leverage the encounter in order to gain either tabloid magazine money, a book deal or become the host of my own talk show.



But, if there was potential for a long lasting relationship with any of the above, disregard the previous sentence.  For the sake of love and all that.

Would you adopt Rosey Perez’s speaking voice if it meant you could sing like Adele?

No, but if I was given the ability to create a unique and distinct voice that produced the amount of accolades and recognition that Adele received, then I would.  There will never be another Adele.

I would just sing everything.  You ever see Whitney Houston’s reality show, she sang all the time.

Would you sleep with a rat in your bed every night for a month to have the ability to fly?

No, I don’t do rats under any circumstance.  And, who would want the ability to fly?  Do you realize how dangerous it would be?  You would have to compete with planes and birds and the occasional pterodactyl.  It could happen.  If humans can fly, dinosaurs can return.  Having an effective communication system would be your biggest concern.  You don’t want the Air Force thinking you are an enemy bogey and shooting you down every day.  That could get annoying.

See How Much Trouble Ironman Had

Would you vajazzle your frenemy’s hoo-ha to have anything you want from Tiffany? 

This one was hard for me.  I can’t think of any circumstance where I would want to be near anyone’s hoo-ha except my own, but I do love Tiffany.  Now if we are talk sterling silver infinity charm, no.  If we are talking white gold channel set 4 carat diamond ring, I won’t lie, I would consider it.  I love diamonds.

Pretty, but . . .
Diamonds – Enough Said.

Would you give up sex to be able to eat everything you wanted yet magically be thin?

No way in hell. And, why the hell would you want to?

Would you give up your sense of taste for the ability to read peoples minds?

This one is easy for me.  Like all of the super power questions, I don’t want that kind of pressure, or responsibility.  Just think of the all the crazy stuff that goes on in your own mind.  Then, compare that to the stuff you actually put out in the word.  Yeah, there are some things I just don’ t need to know.

And, if I slept with Chef Voltaggio and gave up a year of my life, I would at least want to taste the breakfast he would prepare for me the next day.

Would you get a face tattoo for five million?

I would get a face tattoo for 100,000 dollars.  Anyone want to start a collection?

Maybe I need to rethink this one.

Would you give up your memory of the last five years if you knew the next five would rock?

This questions was the most interesting to me because I have been in China for 5 years.  While I have had some good experiences, it hasn’t been the best time of my life.  It hasn’t been the life I wanted to live.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to give up the lessons I have learned over the last 5 years.  The biggest lesson is that I will never put myself in a situation where I would even consider this type of choice.

The goal going forward is to create a life that I want to live.

So, would you give up a year of your life to sleep with Ryan Gosling or Jennifer Aniston?  Is there any time in your life you would consider giving up?  

Photos courtesy of Tiffany.com, Food & Wine Magazine.com & IMDb.com.

10 thoughts on “Would you give up a year of your life to . . .

  1. The only thing I can think of that I would give up a year of my life for would be to save someone’s life. So if it was give up a year of my life, or die next year – sure. Or if my husband, or daughter were to die next year, sure. There would be others on that list. You get the idea. For sex? No way.

    1. Hey Ciara. I was thinking what I would give up a year of life for in reality. I agree, saving someone I love, of course. I was thinking if I would give up a year of my life if it it would guarantee they would find a cure for all cancers and HIV or something like that I would have to consider it. Interesting questions.

  2. Whoa, interesting questions! I would really like to fly and perhaps read people’s minds. Hmmm, these take more thought that it would appear on the surface of the question. What does it mean, give up a year? Does that mean I would die sooner, or do I get locked in a room with nothing to do? I’m going to noodle these some more.

    1. You are braver than me. I wouldn’t want any of the super powers. I took the ‘loose a year of life’ question to mean if you were supposed to dies at 60, you will now die at 59. But, I guess it could mean you were held in a room for a year. If you were going to live til 30 and then now just 29, it would matter. Would it matter so much if you were going to live to 80 and now 79? Does that extra year really mean so much when you are that old? HAHA.

  3. No, I would not give up a year of my life to sleep with Ryan Gosling….and I’d likely give up a year of my life for many things…but a night in the sack is not one of them. So needless to say, I would probably trade it for unlimited foods without the excess weight gain. Where the other questions are concerned….No rats, no thank you!… and I wouldn’t want to read people’s minds….that kind of special power would probably make life boring. Yes, there is a time in my life that I would consider giving up and Yes, I would get a nearly microscopic sized heart on my face for five million dollars…only if it was tax free and not one cent less than that, lol.

    1. You have though about this. haha. Thanks for the comment Nicole. Thanks for reminding me to consider the tax consequences. It is real. Maybe I can get people to pay me in Hong Kong. More favorable tax laws. Thanks so much for the award. I really appreciate it.

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