In a Room


Sarah woke feeling disoriented and her body ached all over.  Where ever she was, it was hot and dry.  Like desert heat.  But, her clothes were wet and she smelled like she had been wearing them for several days.

“How long I have I been here?”  She thought to herself.

She couldn’t really move, either.  She tried to life her arms, but it felt like they were nailed down.

The last thing she remembered; the stairs and her boyfriend David.  He was dragging her up the stairs. And, she vaguely remember the pain and the computer.

Sarah also remember making a choice.  Obviously it was the wrong choice.

“I need to open my eyes.” But, still they wouldn’t budge. She tried to stretch out.  Both Sarah’s arms and legs hit the walls on each side of her.  The room was smaller then she expected.  And there was warmth coming from somewhere.

Feeling a bit stronger Sarah sat up, but a wave of nauseous over took her.  She had to lay back down.

“Where am I?  Why did I push #2?” These thoughts ran through her head.  What she didn’t think about was how was she going to get out of here?

Sarah tried to sit up again.  This time the nausea wasn’t as bad.    She rubbed her eyes and the light was starting to seep in.

Her eyes began to adjust to the light, but she was still seeing stars.  Sarah looked up to see a strange man staring at her through a window.

“I think she’s awake.” Sarah could hear his voice, but couldn’t see who he was talking to.  “She is moving and stuff.”

“Sh, I don’t want her to know I am here,” said another man’s voice.  Even though he was farther away, his voice sounded familiar to Sarah.

“Oh shoot, she can’t see us,” the strange man said.  It was his sunken eyes and stringy wet hair that really creeped Sarah out.  He looked like he had been standing out in the rain for awhile.

“Really, come look. I’m telling you, she is about to get up,” the strange man said.  “I think she is going to try and get out.”

“Shut up,” the man said, “Just watch her.  Let’s see if she will do it.”

What is this, some kind of joke? Sarah though to herself.  Sarah looked at the man in the window and yelled, “Get me out of here!”

He started laughing.  Sarah couldn’t believe it.  He just keep laughing.  She had heard that laugh before.

Sarah couldn’t take it anymore.  She was going mad.  She curled up in a ball and started crying.

“See, I knew she wouldn’t do anything.” Sarah looked up.  It took her a minute to register what she was seeing, but there was David, staring at her through the window.

The creepy man handed David an envelope.

“It is a pleasure doing business with you.”  And, with that, David turned and walked away.

14 thoughts on “In a Room

    1. Unfortunately, Sarah has an issue with thinking for herself because when she does apparently she makes the wrong decisions. Last story, she was asked to answer a questions. Do you dare? Press 1 for yes and 2 for no. #2, wrong answer. “Freaky!!!!” Works for me.

      Thanks again for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop. It has been so much fun. I am still going to try and participate in June, but I am also doing Junowrimo. It is going to be a crazy month.

    1. HAHA. So true Anna. Hopefully she will learn her lesson. Thanks for the comment. I love when my story solicits blurted out explicative. Don’t you know a girl like this and you feel bad for her, but at the same time, want bad things to happen to her. Maybe then she will learn to think for herself.

  1. What’s up with David? What a crazy, perplexing situation! I keep trying to figure out why you bold some words and not others. Yeah, I’ll probably have nightmares about this tonight. Thanks ever so much. 😉

    1. David a bit crazy, I think. I am not quite sure. I think this story needs a serious prequel. HAHA. Bold words are just the word I have to use in the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop prompt. They don’t mean anything. It is distracting, isn’t it?

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