My Weekly Update – A Story, An Attack & Accolades

I hope everyone had a great week.  I sure did.

A Story

I wrote a little 500 word story for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop and received some great feedback.  It just warmed my heart to have people I respect compliment my writing.  Makes me believe I might be doing something right. Two comments I wanted to share with you all because they are still making me smile:

“A fictional character has just stolen my heart.” – by the greatness that is Tameri Etherton

“Good voice.” – by Randy Lindsay

Thanks to you both for making my week.

I have something a little scary planned for next week.

An Attack

Ok. Not really an attack, but I did get into a two comment debate with the movie reviewer at Love Your Movies.  He has a really great blog on movies and the movie industry.  I really love the way he describes a movie from a personal perspective.

Apparently he did not agree with my opinions in my post on The Greatness of Peter Berg and Battleship The Movie.  My word choice of “innovative” to describe Peter Berg as a director particular struck a cord with him.  A few other points were exchanged as well.  You can read for yourself, but I did stop the debate with the “Ok, I get it. I just don’t agree. You have your opinions. That is why you have your own blog,” statement. Whether he is still following me or not, I am not sure.

But, it did get me thinking.  First, what about my blog site with its flowers, love of movie quotes and all around praise and support of my fellow writing and blogging community garnered in anyone the need to debate my opinions.  Especially about a movie.  I am not auditioning to take over for Richard Roeper.

Second, what is appropriate when commenting on someones blog.  I’m not saying I don’t like a good debate.  I am a former lawyer and love to argue and can articulate and debate the merits from both sides with the best of them.  But, there is also a time and place.

Finally, is there a point when you go to far.  I could have come back with a scene by scene comparison of the differences between Friday Night Lights and Varsity Blue (I might still do that in a future post. Good idea.), but what purpose would it have served. Or, is it my duty to defend my point to the end of time.  That isn’t really the point of why I do this.

What I have concluded is that I will welcome any and all criticism, comments and suggestions.  I would prefer the criticism be about something I am trying to actually get better at, namely my writing.

I will answer any and all comments and try to stay as positive and polite as I can.  After all, the tag line of my site is Happiness, Passion, Love & Faith.

Love and light to you all, dammit!

And Accolades

Thank you to my new followers.  I am so happy that you have joined the scene:

-I also had a few new follower by email and some that don’t have websites.  Thanks to you all as well.

Blog Love

  1. A.M. Shultz (featuring The Adventures Pigs)
  2. Tameri Etherton
  3. Carissa Taylor
  4. Troy Aaron Ratliff
  5. Writability
  6. Different Corners in My Life 
 See the full Blog Love list on Twitter!

The Weeks Schedule 

Monday – Kreativ Blogger Award Duties and Tag Your It – this is a new one.
Tuesday – Movie Quotes
Wednesday – Writer Wednesday Blog Hop
Friday – Random Blog Post
Sunday – My Weekly Update

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