Giants Win, Giants Win

You may or may not know this about me, but I am a die hard Cowboys fan. Period. I have no conference allegiance. Everyone in the NFC East is my enemy and they are lucky to get the opportunity to play us every season twice. I have loved the Cowboys thru the 1 – 15 season, three Superbowls and now the 1 playoff game in I don’t know how many years and still I am Cowboy Blue, through and through.

So, when I tell you that I was cheering for the Giants on Sunday. There must be a good reason. I cheered for the Giants because, . . . I can’t stand Tom Brady.

No way in the world should Tom Brady get more rings then Troy and Emmitt. He is lucky to have the three that he has. It is just mind boggling that he has been as successful as he has. In my oppinion, he didn’t work hard enough for it. He got the position off of an injury and had great players around him. And still, no one talks about them, they just talk about Brady and his supermodel wife. It is annoying.

So, I was a Giants fan for 4 hours on Sunday and am very happy with the results. 21 – 17, in Indianapolis. Eli Manning – MVP.

Madonna, LMFAO, Nicki Minja, MIA did the half time show. It looked really cool.

One interesting tidbit that I think shows why some women should not be allowed to be NFL player wives. There is a report trending now about how some fan yelled to Giselle after the game, “Manning owns Brady.” in which she replied, “My husband can’t throw AND catch the f—king ball. Someone needs to make a catch.” Nice Giselle. Kick the team and cause tension in the locker room. Smooth.

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