Sunday – last day of July

Sitting in my boss/friends room making chili and watching a movie. Making chili for my peeps in China.  I could be cooking in my own room if I had a stove to cook on, but I don’t.

I have the final stats. from July’s month of health.  The numbers aren’t bad.  Lost 11 pounds and 15 inches all over.  Took photos and they look smaller or I look small I should say.  I was disapointed in the weight loss, especially since I only lost 3 pounds since the 12th, but I am thrilled about the inches. Thrilled about the way I feel. Thrilled about next months plan.  Just thrilled.  I logged every day of fitness and I worked out 20 of the 30 days.  All in all, it doesn’t seem like to much to do to loose weight.  But, I want to kick it up a notch next month anyway.  Here is my fitness log for the month of July 2011.

Like I said, really good. If I sustain this for the next 5 months, I like statistically where I will be by then.

Next month (which starts tomorrow on a Monday no doubt), I want to do 45 minutes of Cardio 5 times per week.  Do the C25K workout 3 times per week and then straight up elliptical the other days.

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