Insecure Writer’s Support Group – New Year, New Things

InsecureWritersSupportGroup Get the prelims out of the way, #IWSG is here to help! Check out our co-host, Gwen Gardner, Dolorah, Sarah Foster, and M. Pax! Visit and show some love to our fearless creator, Alex J. Cavanaugh. Check out some of the other group member’s post and help them out.  As the new year starts, I find myself discovering new thing about writing.

  1. I am doing a rewrite of a novel that I finished (67,000 words) back in 2013. Rewrites are hard.
  2. My novel sales can go from a steady few books sold a day, to crickets in a matter of weeks. Selling books is hard.
  3. I took the entire month of December off and getting back to work took longer than I imagined. Staying on task is hard.
  4. I had two of my beta readers read the final book in my series, Hope for Us and they loved it. Finding people who support my writing is amazing and makes all the hard stuff worth it.

I welcome any and all advice on dealing with 1-3. For all those writers out there, if you have #4, cherish it. If you don’t, send me your MS. I’ll support you. 🙂 lotus