My Birthday!

I share my birthday with a Desperate Housewife, hot male model, crazy female rapper with cotton candy hair, a Hobbit, a one hit wonder, 80’s blond actress who played an alien and drank batteries & an 18 year old who I have never heard of.

Not a bad crowd.  None where born on my day, though.

I have had a nice birthday so far.  Received some nice gifts from my staff. Flowers and a cake. Everyone wishing me a happy birthday.

All in all, I can’t complain. I will take myself out on Sunday to celebrate for real, by myself.

Happy birthday to me ee ee!!!!

My New Tattoo

My wrist tattoo redux. I didn’t post the photo of the tattoo before because it was a hot mess. But, I can honestly say that this one is awesome. It is like a totally different tattoo. I still don’t know how Vince did it, but he did it. It looks so good. Hope you like it.

Coin represents the relationship between heaven, earth and man.

Lotus flower has so many meanings to me. But, it literally bloomed from the crappy tattoo that is underneath it and came out beautiful.

Four characters are Happiness, Passion, Faith & Love.

I just love it and am so happy that I gave him another chance.

Thanks so much Vince at HK Dragon Tattoo! Your greatness!