W – What Others Are Saying About #Another New Life

WI can’t believe it did that. For some of you, you already read my X post. I skipped right over W and I am so sorry. W is a great letter. It didn’t deserve that. I should never work past 1:00 am.

If you read X, great. You will get to read it again on Monday, but here is W.

There is no better felling for a writer then when you receive positive feedback about your work. Over the beta and critique process, these are some of the things others said about Another New Life.

“Great pace.”

“I am so loving this right now.”

“I’ve read the first chapter and I really like it!!! Main characters definitely likable.”

“The characterization and writing are great.”

“First and foremost, I LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!”

“I absolutely loved it.”


If you want to hear more, check out my reviews on Goodreads!

What’s your favorite compliment you ever received about your writing?  

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